Being Vigilant Can Prevent Charcot Foot Disease

Vigilant. adjective  vig·i·lant  \ ˈvi-jə-lənt \ Webster’s defines the word vigilant as “alertly watchful especially to avoid danger.” It’s what’s required when you’ve got a chronic disease such as diabetes. Being ever-watchful, like the little kid who’s parked himself at the window hoping for a chance to see Santa’s sleigh, becomes not a once-a-year thing but a several-times-a-day thing. […]

The Importance of Exercise for Type 2 Diabetics

You’d have to be living under a rock since the 1950s or so to not have heard that physical activity and exercise are beneficial to every individual’s health and longevity. Some of the benefits we’re all familiar with include increased energy enhanced mood improved cardiovascular health keeping off unwanted extra pounds maintaining strong muscles and […]