The Importance of a Well-Fitting Ski Boot

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Got a hankering for some downhill skiing? You’re in luck since we’ve got a couple of different ski areas less than a half-hour’s drive from us here in beautiful Solon, Ohio. Whether you’re headed north for a day trip to Alpine Valley, south to Boston Mills/Brandywine, or directly to Cleveland-Hopkins for a flight to a resort in Vermont or Colorado, you’ll want to make sure of this: Bring the right ski boot.             

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a ski boot that fits well. Lousy-fitting boots can ruin your fun by giving your feet calluses, corns, blisters, arch pain, heel pain, and more. Foot pain on the slopes because of your boots is completely miserable but avoidable with some careful planning.

Plan ahead and get help for a great fit

Getting a great-fitting boot can be tricky. You’ve got to consider all the components: what kind of an outer, plastic shell? Shells can be soft, medium, or stiff, and the kind you buy will most likely depend on your experience as a skier. What kind of buckles will work best for you? How comfortable is the lining?

If you ski often enough to purchase your own boots, consider getting a professional fitting at a specialty ski store. A custom fit specialist will make sure you’ve got answers to all these questions and fit you with:

  • The right shell stiffness for the kind of skier you are.
  • The correct length and width.
  • Accurate foot placement. There are tricks to getting your heel and toes to lie in just the right place within the boot.
  • The right socks. (Hint: they’re not thick and heavy. Heavy socks don’t wick away moisture and they can bunch up in your boot. There are socks made for skiing that are thin and made of moisture-wicking, synthetic material.)

If foot pain befalls you on the ski slopes or at any time this winter, let the experts at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland help you decide if your ski boots, your shoes, or something else entirely is causing it. Dr. Megan L. Oltmann and Dr. Craig B. Frey are experienced in sports medicine for the feet and ankles – which happen to be two of the most vulnerable spots for skiers. Call us at (440) 903-1041 or visit us online to make an appointment.