Celebrate National Sock Day


Socks have come a long way since the basic dress blacks and thick tubes of mid-century modern life. Socks have become a fashion statement for kids and adults alike, allowing us to show off our personalities. Video game characters, bananas, a master painting by Pablo Picasso, and pretty much any other image can be knit together with yarn!

But socks are much more than just a fun way to express ourselves. In observance of National Sock Day, which comes around every December 4, let’s look at the advantages of socks from a podiatrist’s point of view:

  • Socks help keep the microbes away.
    Feet sweat a lot, thanks to the 125,000+ sweat glands in each one. Without moisture-absorbing socks, your feet get wet and stay wet – an invitation for moisture-loving bacteria and fungi to take up residence. So, wearing socks will help you avoid athlete’s foot and other infections.
  • Socks help keep your shoes clean.
    Socks help absorb all the moisture that would otherwise weep into your shoes. Sweaty shoes are hard to clean, while you can toss socks in the wash. Wearing socks will lengthen the life of your shoes.
  • Socks prevent blisters.
    A nude foot sloshing around in a sweaty shoe provides enough friction to cause blisters to form on toes or soles.
  • Socks keep your feet comfortable, warm, and dry.
    You can still buy one-size-fits-all tube socks, but modern socks come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, allowing for a comfortable fit. Some socks are thicker where it counts – they provide natural arch support for those who need them. For maximum comfort, choose socks designed for your particular activity. For example, socks knit with natural, moisture-wicking fibers such as cotton and merino wool are best for keeping your feet dry while playing sports.

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