Neuromas Have Got Some Nerve!


You’ve got a sudden stabbing pain at the bottom of your foot, up near the toes. The burning and cramping get worse with every step you take. You want to reach down and tear the pebble out of your shoe, straighten out your bunched-up sock. But there’s no pebble. The problem isn’t your socks, and it isn’t your foot, either. It’s the nerves within. You’ve got a neuroma.

A neuroma, sometimes called Morton’s neuroma, is an inflamed nerve, usually between the third and fourth toes. Inflammation happens –

  • Because of a structural problem: when two bones get out of alignment, they can catch a sensitive nerve between them, causing pain that can be pretty agonizing.
  • When an injury to the foot causes nerve compression
  • From wearing shoes with tight, narrow toe boxes
  • When you wear high heels often, forcing you to put much of your weight on your forefoot and toes

Over time and with continued pressure, the inflamed nerve forms a protective sheath of scar tissue around itself. This extra growth surrounding your nerve may need to be surgically removed.

Non-surgical treatments for neuromas
Before it gets bad enough to require surgery, however, you’ve got several options to calm down the irritated nerve:

  • Shoe modifications, including wider toe boxes, lower heels, and cushioning to absorb shock
  • Strategically-placed cushions or pads
  • Orthotic shoe inserts to correct the misalignment that’s causing your neuroma
  • Ice
  • Rest
  • Steroid injections
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medications

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