The Pedicure: Are You Getting it Right?

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So you want to get your nails done and you think about heading down to your local nail salon. You’ve done it before. But have you stopped and considered all of the wheres, whens, whys and hows of a good, safe pedicure? There really are some questions you should be asking yourself before you submit your feet to this ritual! Let’s take a look —

  1. Where should you go? Be extra thoughtful about what salon you choose to visit. The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology puts forth rules and regulations that all nail salons must adhere to, ensuring that the salon follows good hygienic practices – not only in terms of keeping your feet safe from communicable diseases, but also in terms of things like providing clean water and disposing waste in an environmentally responsible way. If you’re new to the Cleveland area or haven’t been to a salon in a while, ask around for recommendations of clean, reputable establishments.
  2. What should you look for at the salon?
    1. There should be a sign at or near the main entrance clearly stating that the salon has a license to be in business. Make sure it’s current.
    2. Are tools lying out in the open? They shouldn’t be – they’re required to be soaking in disinfectant in a covered container.
    3. Look around for signs of uncleanliness – dusty tools, containers with cloudy liquid, dirty towels, etc.
    4. Make sure the basin you sit at has been cleaned from servicing the previous client.
    5. If the salon takes cash only, it could be a red flag that the business isn’t above-board.
  3. Does it matter when you go? Fight the urge to shave your legs just before going to have your nails done. Shaving can leave behind tiny cuts and abrasions through which bacteria may enter. Certainly, if you have fungal nails or open wounds on your feet, wait until they heal before going to the salon.
  4. At Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, we care about your feet’s appearance, but we also want to help you keep them clean and healthy. Take a few minutes to check out a salon so that you can be rest assured that your feet and toes will come out colorful, shining, invigorated, and free from infections. If you have additional questions about getting a great pedicure, make an appointment with podiatrist Dr. Craig B. Frey or Dr. Megan L. Oltmann at our office in Solon, Ohio. Our number is (440) 903-1041.