4 Foot and Ankle Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

foot and ankle pain

If your feet and ankles are the furthest things from your mind, that’s a good thing. It means they’re working just fine. The minute something feels off, though, worries begin. Lower limb problems have a way of interfering with your daily life, making it difficult to walk around or play sports. Problems can get worse over time, and they become much harder to treat. Furthermore, some complications are clues that something more serious is going on somewhere else in the body.

For all of these reasons, we recommend that you never ignore a persistent problem with your feet or ankles. Here are four issues and what they might mean:

  1. Any kind of pain in your feet isn’t normal; you shouldn’t “put up” with it. Pain can indicate a sprain, stress fracture, soft tissue inflammation, and much more.
  2. Numbness, tingling, and burning. Nerve problems are the likely culprit behind feet that burn, tingle or feel numb. A compressed nerve, neuroma, or peripheral neuropathy can bring on these types of symptoms. Other systemic issues like diabetes and anemia can also cause them, so it’s important to have them checked out.
  3. Itching can be a sign of dry skin or fungal infection. Applying moisturizer to your feet every day will help clear up the itch of dry skin. Over-the-counter creams may help clear up a fungus, but they don’t always work.
  4. Overly sweaty feet. Feet have thousands of sweat glands, but some people’s feet make so much sweat as to be uncomfortable.

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