Foot Pain Isn’t Normal at Any Age

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What does it mean to you to “Engage at Every Age?” To all of us at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, it means that you’re never too old to participate fully in life – to keep your mind and body engaged and involved in the activities you’ve always loved!

“Engage at Every Age” is also the motto of for Older Americans Month 2018, which was just observed in May. Our expert podiatrists, Dr. Craig B. Frey and Dr. Megan L. Oltmann, think that foot health plays a huge role in helping older Americans enjoy life to the fullest.

When you have foot pain, it invades your whole life. You may have difficulty walking, exercising, wearing shoes, or difficulty sleeping. Our podiatry practice in beautiful Solon, Ohio is ready to help older Cuyahoga County residents with the foot problems that affect them such as

  • Bunions– bony bumps at the base of the big toe that can be painful and make it difficult to fit into shoes
  • Heel pain– also known as plantar fasciitis – that can make walking impossible
  • Arthritisosteoarthritis is the wearing down of protective cartilage in your joints and can be a common part of aging. Any joint in the feet or ankles is subject to arthritis, depending on a person’s individual anatomy, whether they’ve sustained a foot or ankle injury, and how they’ve treated their feet in the past.
  • Flatfeet – it’s not uncommon for feet that have seen a lot of years to lose their padding and flatten out, becoming wider and necessitating larger shoe widths.
  • Ingrown toenails may evolve as a result of neglect, poor-fitting shoes, or vision problems that prevent seniors from being able to see their toes clearly.

One of the greatest misconceptions that prevents people from Engaging at Every Age is that foot pain is normal. Please listen to us: foot pain is never normal! There are therapies, topical medications, oral medications, braces, custom orthotics, and surgeries that can help people of all ages get back on their feet. Contact us when foot or ankle pain prevents you from fully engaging in life. You can give us a call at (440) 903-1041 or make an appointment online.