Dos and Don’ts of Back-to-School Shoe Shopping

back to school

Kids’ feet can grow at an alarming rate! What used to fit them in May is likely too small for their back-to-school feet (or too worn-out). Back-to-school shopping should always involve a trip to the shoe store. Here are some tips to make shoe shopping fun and successful for both you and your kids:

  1. Don’t buy online. Yes, it’s tempting to avoid the mall. But there are several reasons to don a mask and go retail. First, your kids need to have their feet measured. Second, you should always try before you buy to make sure the shoes fit well. And finally, what looks like a good quality pair of shoes online may disappoint you when it arrives in your mailbox.
  2. Do measure their feet. Get an update on their shoe size and remember to measure the width as well as length.
  3. Don’t go first thing in the morning. Feet tend to swell after you’ve spent some time moving around. Have kids try on shoes toward the end of the day when their feet are their biggest.
  4. Don’t skip the trying-on part. The store is busy; your kid is tired and cranky; you just want to buy a pair off the shelf and go. Understandable – but you’ll probably regret that decision. Even if they’re the correct size, they still may not be comfortable. Make the shopping trip when well-rested and ready to spend the time it takes to try on shoes properly after eating.
  5. Do make comfort your priority. The most well-made, cutest shoes may still chafe and pinch your child’s feet. Ill-fitting shoes can give your kids blisters and calluses.
  6. Do buy the correct athletic shoe for your child’s chosen sport.

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