Don’t Let a Bone Spur Hold You Back

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To “spur someone on” is to get someone to act. Nudge a horse in the side with your boot, and he’ll begin walking. A few bucks can spur your tween into cleaning the bathroom speedy-quick. But with your feet, a painful bone spur can have the opposite effect: you can’t be spurred on to do much of anything because your foot hurts too much.

A spur is a small piece of bone growing out of another bone. The body creates extra bone like this as a result of injury, repetitive stress, or as part of the normal aging process. Other common reasons are wearing tight shoes and stressing the feet with extra weight. Finally, our expert podiatrists, Dr. Craig B. Frey and Dr. Megan L. Oltmann find bone spurs are common among our active patients – runners, dancers, and other athletes who subject their feet to repetitive, high-impact movements.

Some bone spurs create no problems at all, and you’ll never even know they exist. However, others are in a position to aggravate nearby ligaments, tendons, nerves, or even other bone.

Depending on the location of the bone spur, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • a small, hard bump, typically in your heel, toes, or at the base of your big toe
  • redness, swelling, and inflammation around the spur
  • inability to walk or bear weight on the affected area

Dr. Frey and Dr. Oltmann can relieve the pain of your bone spur through foot surgery. However, most cases don’t need it. Weight loss, different shoes, regular stretching exercises, and anti-inflammatory medications can help minimize or eliminate the pain. Getting to the underlying problem that caused the spur can be key: for example, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs often go hand-in-hand. If we relieve the inflammation of the plantar fascia, the bone spurs are no longer an issue.

Bone spurs are only one reason why you might notice a bump in your foot or have difficulty walking. For expert diagnosis and treatment, contact Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland. We provide podiatric care for residents of Cuyahoga, Summit, Geauga, and Portage Counties at our office in beautiful Solon, Ohio. Call (440) 903-1041 or make an appointment online.