Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Shoes

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We invite you to set aside some time on August 17, 2018, to show your feet some love, because…it’s National I Love My Feet Day! The podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland believe that one of the most important ways you can love your feet is to house them in the proper shoes. When we say “proper,” we’re really talking about two separate issues: size and function.

  1. Size

Many of our patients have foot problems that stem from the simple fact that they’re wearing the wrong size shoe. Here are five common mistakes that people make when they go shoe shopping, and how to avoid them:

Buying shoes without trying them on.You grab a size 10 off the shelf and make your purchase because you know they’ll fit. After all, you’ve been wearing size 10 since you were in the 12th We’ve got news for you: feet can and do change size due to pregnancy, weight gain, and aging. Have your foot measured and try before you buy.

Trying on one shoe only. One of your feet is usually bigger than the other. It’s important to try on both shoes to make sure both feet are comfortable.

Shopping for shoes the wrong time of day. It’s best to shop for shoes toward the end of the day. After hours of being active, your feet will probably be somewhat swollen. Shopping late accommodates any swelling that’s not present early in the day.

Trying on shoes without socks. If you’re shopping for sandals, okay, no socks necessary. But do try on other shoes with the socks you intend to wear to ensure the best fit.

Thinking a tight shoe will stretch out. Many a shoe has been purchased too small because the buyer thought, “Well, these will eventually stretch out and fit better.” We don’t recommend a “break-in period” for any shoe.


  1. Function
    Every activity has an appropriate shoe. Athletic shoes are specially designed for specific sports and aren’t interchangeable. Wearing running shoes to play tennis, for example, won’t give you the proper support for side-to-side court movements and frankly, wearing them is just asking for a sprained ankle!

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