Be Mindful of These 5 Signs of Foot Trouble

When there’s a sudden change in our lives, we can see it clearly. A new baby! The loss of a loved one! Routines are changed, and life takes on a new meaning. But sometimes change comes about gradually, hinting at a new normal that we’re not quite ready to see. Until, one day it’s staring […]

“Golden Rules” for Diabetic Foot Care This Season

“Golden Rules” for Diabetic Foot Care This Season This is the season of warmth. You may be tempted to shed your socks and shoes and savor the warmth of the sand on the shores of Lake Erie; to walk barefoot through the cool grass; to slip into a light sandal and feel the breeze on […]

What Causes Tingling in Your Feet

Prickly, shivery, ringing and stinging are all ways to describe that tingling sensation anywhere in your body that you just want to shake off. “Pins and needles” is a good one, too. You might experience tingling in your feet if you’ve just gotten up from sitting on your knees for a while or if you’ve […]

The Relationship between Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes is a large and growing problem all over the world. The disease affects your whole body in many ways and is especially hard on your feet, which is why the podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland work so hard to educate our patients about it. Let’s take a closer look at what […]

Diabetes Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about diabetes. Who gets it? Who’s at risk? Podiatrists Megan L. Oltmann, DPM and Craig B. Frey, DPM of Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland are closing out Diabetes Awareness Month by focusing this blog on clearing up some myths about the disease. Myth: Having diabetes is […]

Managing Blood Sugar Protects Oral Health

If you have diabetes, make sure your dentist knows. Good oral hygiene is something everyone should strive for, but it’s especially important for diabetics. We all have plaque – that thin film of yuk (mostly bacteria) that builds up on our teeth. It’s the stuff the dentist scrapes off of the surface of your teeth […]

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month – Diabetes and Men

It’s a pretty well known fact that men tend to avoid things like calling the doctor. But guys, we’re talking to you — if you think you’re at risk for diabetes, you really need to take action. Diabetes is one of those diseases that’s so fraught with complication that you can’t afford to ignore the […]

Beware These 5 Enemies of Your Feet

We all know that eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise is good for us. We read it every day and heard it from our families growing up. “Eat your vegetables!” “Go play!”- classic Mom-speak, right? Well, Mom was right, of course, but what she didn’t tell you is how much your two feet benefit […]