4 Problems That Plague Athlete’s Feet

Got sports? Then you’ve got injuries. No matter what sport you’re into, injuries are something you share with athletes all over the world. And whether you compete in the pool or on the field, road, track, or diamond, you’re putting demands on your feet that can leave you aching for relief from a bunch of […]

Teach Your Children Well

Parents have a tremendous role to play in the lifelong health of their children’s feet. Teach your children from an early age to respect and care for their feet in the following ways: Wash them daily with soap and water. Children’s feet need to be cleaned of the sweat and dirt of daily living, running […]

Get Answers from a Qualified Podiatrist, Not the Internet

It’s quite amazing to see the kinds of questions that people pose on internet forums about their health. Foot-related questions that we’ve seen include “What causes foot cramps?”, “What to do when your feet smell REALLY bad?” and the really amusing “Should people have their feet cut off at birth?” While we think that last […]