Get Off the Plantar Fasciitis Rollercoaster

Imagine getting out of bed every morning, planting your feet on the floor, standing up, and immediately regretting your decision to start the day. Why? – Because your foot is on fire. The pain of plantar fasciitis begins in your heel and travels into your arch. You can barely stand without crying, let alone walk. […]

Secure Two Body Areas to Help Prevent Falling

a senior woman being helped to balance by a younger woman

Senior citizens: when it comes to preventing falls, it’s not enough for you simply to say, “I’m cautious.” Falling is the number one cause of injury and deaths from injury in older Americans, says the Centers for Disease Control. Sure, you can say you’re cautious. You can move around slowly. But if your vision’s impaired […]

How Bad is Your Ankle Sprain?

hand holding basketball, sports injury, ankle sprain

The NBA is living and competing in a bubble to protect its players from contracting COVID-19. But it doesn’t mean they’re safe from injuries on the court. Gordon Hayward’s awkward fall and severe ankle injury earlier this month is a reminder where there is a basketball game; there will always be ankle sprains. The Celtics […]

Win the War Against Foot and Ankle Pain

Who hasn’t uttered the words “my feet are killing me!” at one time or another? It’s just one example of how we talk about our health. We seem to use a lot of words associated with confrontation. “She’s battling pain.” “He’s going to beat this.” We can have a gall bladder or gout attack. Early […]

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

white cross medical symbol

The world is waiting as patiently as possible for an event that will, we hope, return our lives to normal: the creation of a safe vaccine for COVID-19. We hope that the vaccine arrives quickly. We hope it’s easily and fairly distributed. Above all, we hope it works well to protect us from this frustrating […]

Should You Wear Shoes at the Beach?

water running over feet in sandals

Self-isolation is getting really old. You’re thinking about escaping to the beach. In your mind’s eye, you see the sun warming your bare skin as you twirl your ankles in the cooling water. A fresh breeze blows off the water, flipping your hair in all directions. Emitting a contented sigh, you stroll back to your […]