What’s Causing Your Lower Leg, Ankle, or Foot Pain?

Lower Leg, Ankle, or Foot Pain

Now that we’ve seen some serious hints of spring weather here in Cuyahoga, Portage, Summit, and Geauga Counties, people are bursting out of their homes to walk, run, and play outside. And some of them are feeling some foot, ankle, or lower leg pain that they shouldn’t ignore. If this sounds like you, consider what […]

4 Ways to Boost Your Energy

woman with energy exercising in park

If you’re feeling zapped of energy, you’re not alone. We’ve been enduring the global pandemic for over a year now, and it’s tiring, both physically and mentally. And the recent switch to Daylight Savings Time might have thrown your biological clock out of whack. So, it seems a good time to talk about various ways […]

Are You Looking for a Female Podiatrist?

female podiatrist

Women throughout history have made astounding achievements in medicine, law, education, and social justice – to name a few areas! As a nation, we celebrate women’s accomplishments during Women’s History Month every year in March. We’re fortunate here at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland that one of our doctors is a female podiatrist who […]

Nourish Yourself, Nourish Your Feet


March is National Nutrition Month, and Dr. Craig B. Frey and Dr. Megan L. Oltmann of Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland ask important health questions about nutrition. What does adequately nourished mean? Is it all just about the food you eat? What does proper nutrition have to do with your feet and ankles? Let’s take those questions one at a […]

Common Tennis Injuries and How to Prevent Them


Foot and ankle injuries happen all the time in tennis. It comes with the territory. Players are continually running up and back, jumping, and stopping, and starting on hard surfaces. These actions set the scene perfectly for frequent injuries. Here are the 5 most common foot and ankle injuries that affect both amateur and professional […]