10 Ways to Show Your Feet Some Love

feet love

This Valentine’s Day blow a couple of kisses to the body parts that serve you well every day: your feet! It is important to show your feet some love this month and every month.

Here are ten ways to show them how much you appreciate their constant support:

  1. Move your body. Regular exercise helps maintain good circulation to your feet.
  2. Quit smoking. Vaping and smoking introduce destructive chemicals into the body. They can damage the nerves and blood vessels in your feet.
  3. Soothe your skin. Gently wash, dry, and moisturize your feet daily.
  4. Trim your toenails right. To avoid ingrown toenails, trim toenails straight across – no curves – and don’t cut them too short. If your toenails are very thick, you have trouble bending over, or bad eyesight makes toenail trimming difficult, Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland can help with this type of routine foot care.
  5. Spot the trouble spots. While you’re down there trimming your toenails, perform a full foot check and look for signs of a fungal infection, toe deformities, or any unusual changes in skin, shape, or structure.
  6. Measure your feet to make sure you’re wearing the right size shoes.
  7. Replace worn-out shoes. Old shoes don’t give you proper support, and they can cause you to fall.
  8. Deal with your difficulties. Does foot pain prevent you from exercising or participating in other activities you love? Is walking difficult for you? Elective surgeries are permitted again in Cuyahoga, Summit, Geauga, and Portage Counties, so perhaps it’s finally time to let us fix your flat feet or correct your painful bunions, hammertoes, or nerve pain.
  9. Be diligent in caring for your diabetic feet. For people with diabetes, even a simple cut or scratch can turn into a threatening foot infection. Visit expert podiatrists Dr. Megan L. Oltmann and Dr. Craig B. Frey at the first sign of trouble.
  10. Fix problems early. Many podiatric issues are harder to fix the longer they’ve been bothering you. Therefore, you should do something about your foot pain before it becomes a huge problem. We’d love to get your call at (440) 903-1041 for an appointment at our office in Solon, Ohio. SHow your feet some love by making an appointment soon.