What’s the Best Cure for Toenail Fungus?

toenail fungus

Finding the best cure for toenail fungus or  fungal infection isn’t always easy. If you ask around, you might get some unusual advice. People will sometimes recommend you put tea tree oil on your infected nails. Another favorite folk remedy: apply a cold and cough ointment directly to your toes. These over-the-counter remedies may help but are not clinically proven to eradicate toenail fungus.

In contrast, if you ask our experienced podiatrists how to get rid of chronic, annoying toenail fungus, we’ll give you recommendations medically proven to eliminate it safely and effectively.

First, it matters what kind of infection you have. It’s not always easy to know the source of your infection. It may not even be a fungus at all. For example, brittle toenails could be a symptom of thyroid disease. Also, a bacterial infection or even a yeast infection could be making your fungal problem more complicated. We recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Megan L. Oltmann and Dr. Craig B. Frey if you’re having trouble with thickened, discolored, easily broken, or crumbling toenails. We offer several treatments as outlined below.

The Best Cure for Toenail Fungus

  • Prescription-strength topical creams that target your specific fungus and are more effective than over-the-counter varieties.
  • Oral medications that treat the problem systemically.
  • Clearing the infection through nail debridement or scraping.
  • We may opt to remove the nail with surgery for infections that don’t respond to these treatments. Permanent removal may be the only option to stop the infection from spreading.

When to see the podiatrist

Visit Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland if the appearance of your toenails is troubling you, if home care hasn’t yielded any results, or if you have diabetes. People with diabetes are more prone to fungal infections and have a more challenging time fighting them off. If you live in Portage, Geauga, Summit, or Cuyahoga Counties, we invite you to professional medical treatment at our office in Solon, Ohio. Call (440) 903-1041 or contact us online.