Avoiding Foot Injuries at Work

work injury

Feet and ankles are susceptible to injury all the time. No matter where you are, an accident can happen that causes an acute injury – a sudden, one-time occurrence such as a fall that snaps a bone in your foot. Or, your repetitive activity leads to a chronic, overuse injury such as tendinitis or stress fractures.

Your risk of foot issues may increase depending on where you work. People who make their living as nurses, waitresses, carpenters, roofers, auto mechanics, and machinists, for example, have an increased risk of injuring their feet. These workplace injuries may include:

  • Blisters – which may sound harmless, but can be painful and lead to infection
  • Ankle sprains
  • Flat feet, if your job involves a lot of standing
  • Bone fractures from taking a fall or from a heavy object falling on the foot
  • Puncture wounds from stepping on sharp objects or tools
  • Burns from heat or chemicals

In the worst-case scenarios, such as when the foot gets crushed or caught under machinery, foot amputation could be necessary.

Steps to avoid workplace foot injuries

  • First and foremost, make sure you’re wearing the proper shoes for your job. They should be protective, slip-resistant, and have excellent arch support. Wearing the correct size is also paramount to avoiding blisters, calluses, and corns. Replace worn-out shoes regularly.
  • Take frequent, short breaks from standing.
  • Read, understand, and comply with your company’s workplace safety guidelines. Bring any concerns or outright violations to the authorities.
  • Perform regular workplace safety checks and eliminate potential dangers. These can include obvious dangers such as debris, or not-so-obvious ones such as low lighting in areas of high foot traffic.

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