Improve Flexibility and Relieve Pain Through Stretching


Remember Gumby? He’s that green, clay cartoon character whose outrageous flexibility helps him out of tricky situations. You may not ever need to stretch your legs to three times their length like this animated TV and movie star, but being able to stretch certainly has its advantages, especially as we get older.

Having good flexibility means that you can

  • Bend over more easily. This improves how you function on a daily basis – for example, tying your shoes or reaching for the cereal box on the bottom shelf.
  • Improve your balance and help prevent falling. When your muscles are used to moving around and being stretched, you’re less likely to take a fall.
  • Loosen up tight muscles.
  • Prevent or even eliminate muscle and joint pain throughout your body.
  • Progress in your current fitness routine. Many runners, walkers, tennis players, or bikers forget to incorporate daily stretching into their workouts. Muscle flexibility can improve your strength and stamina.

Your flexible feet

At Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, our podiatrists encourage you to include your feet and ankles in your flexibility plan. A regular regimen of stretching your lower limbs improves the outcome for many podiatric ailments, such as

It’s easy to find the time

Foot and toe-stretching exercises can be done anywhere. Bring a golf ball to the office and roll it under your foot as you work. Practice towel curls, marble pickups, and toe pulls as you watch TV. Do some toe raises while you’re sitting at the DMV or the doctor’s office.

You can find a full description of each of these beneficial exercises on our website.

For foot pain that doesn’t go away or gets worse when you stretch, contact our qualified foot doctors Dr. Craig B. Frey or Dr. Megan L. Oltmann. We’re open late on Mondays and on Saturdays by appointment at our state-of-the-art office in Solon, Ohio.