Engage All 5 Senses for Good Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month! There’s a lot of truth to the old adage, “You are what you eat.” The food you eat can help your body function or it can cause damage. At Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, we put a high value on good nutrition since it plays a role in keeping your feet healthy.

Talk to any nutritionist or doctor and they’ll probably tell you that good nutrition starts with a varied diet. In order to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs – Vitamin D for strong bones, Vitamin K to help blood clot when necessary and also for good bone structure, Vitamin C for absorbing iron and repairing tissue, etc. – everyone should be eating a variety of foods.

One way to make that easier is to choose foods that appeal to your 5 senses:

  • Let’s be real: if it doesn’t look good, you’re probably not going to eat it. But you can still challenge yourself to try a food you’ve never seen before! For example, when you’re in the produce section of the market, look for unusual colors. Don’t reject the purple pepper, the variegated squash.
  • Rather than just grabbing the same old thing for lunch, use your sense of smell to figure out what different food might be appealing to eat today.
  • Touch. Be aware of how the texture of your food affects your enjoyment of it. Find new foods with textures you similarly enjoy.
  • Enjoy the sound of your food pan-frying. Learn how fresh a green bean is by listening to the crisp snap as you break it in two.
  • Humans are great at tasting salt, sweet, bitter, and sour. If you find yourself gravitating to sweet foods or salty foods, make the conscious choice to eat some bitter greens or sour pickles.

Eating a variety of foods can be as easy as engaging all 5 of your senses. Give it a try and let podiatrists Dr. Megan L. Oltmann and Dr. Craig B. Frey know how it works out. We hope that you choose good nutrition for your feet during National Nutrition Month and all year long. But even the most varied of diets can’t ensure 100% healthy feet. If you sense that they need a podiatrist’s care, don’t hesitate to contact us at our office in Solon, Ohio, either online or by phone at (440) 903-1041.