Questions to Ask When You Need Foot or Ankle Surgery

At Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, we want you to be confident and comfortable both before and after foot or ankle surgery. Going into your procedure, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. That’s good. We encourage you to ask them and we’re happy to provide the answers you seek.

Here are some frequently-asked questions among our surgical patients. You may have others, or your answers may differ depending on your specific problem. Use this as a guide to launch your own discussion with Dr. Craig B. Frey or Dr. Meghan L. Oltmann.

  1. What do I need to do to prepare?
    In the days before surgery, prep may include taking certain medications – or stopping them; seeing your primary care doctor for a complete physical and an “all-clear;” other medical testing such as blood work and x-rays. If you’re a smoker, it’s a good idea to quit well before your operation. Cigarettes contain chemicals that affect your blood flow. For those who smoke, the body’s ability to send healing blood to the surgical site is slowed down, and healing can take much longer.
  2. Can I eat or drink before surgery?
    The answer to this is usually no, but it’s a good idea to double check with us.
  3. What should I bring with me on the day of surgery?
    Some of the things you’ll need are your driver’s license or other form of ID, your medical insurance card, and any paperwork given to you beforehand.
  4. Will I be completely “out” during surgery?
    Forms of anesthesia differ depending on what procedure you’re having and could mean simply a numbing of the local area, or being put completely to sleep.

Other important questions may include these:

  1. How long will I be in the hospital?
  2. Will I need to go to a rehab facility or physical therapist afterwards?
  3. Should I expect a lot of pain and swelling?
  4. Do I need any special equipment once I get home?
  5. When should I schedule a follow-up appointment with you?

Remember, our podiatrists are licensed foot and ankle surgeons qualified and experienced in repairing fractures, reconstructing damage from accidents or sports injuries, removing painful bone spurs, salvaging diabetic limbs, and more. And we’re happy to answer all your questions no matter what kind of surgery you may need. Contact us in Solon, Ohio at (440) 903-1041 or online.