5 Health Tips for Men’s Feet

Men have a bad reputation for avoiding doctors. It’s not true for all men, but so many of them have a tendency either to forget to make regular health care appointments or consciously put them off. Why is that, men? Maybe you’re just too busy. Maybe you feel fine. Maybe you’re worried about what the doctor will find.

Whatever the reason, let it go. National Men’s Health Month, which we celebrate each June, is a time for men to be mindful about their bodies – including their feet. Here are 5 ways for men to practice mindfulness as it applies to their feet:

  1. Pay attention to that pain
    We say it all the time: pain in your feet or ankles isn’t normal. Whether it develops over the course of a sports season or comes on suddenly, visit our podiatrists as soon as possible for expert analysis and treatment. Waiting not only can make the pain worsen, it can make treatment more difficult, say our experts, Dr. Craig B. Frey and Dr. Megan L. Oltmann.
  2. Consider getting a pedicure
    Let’s be honest – feet with perpetually rough skin, cracked heels, and tough corns and calluses aren’t terribly attractive. If you don’t want to take the time to groom your feet, find someone else who does! Nail salons welcome men as well as women, so grab a buddy and a coffee and drop in for a pedicure. Just be sure the salon is reputable and uses sterile equipment. If you’re diabetic contact us for safe foot grooming.
  3. Put down the cigarettes
    When you smoke, you endanger blood flow and nerve function, two things that put your feet in real danger. Another bad effect of smoking is that it inhibits bone repair – so fractures take longer to heal or may not heal at all.
  4. Be smart about fungus and bacteria
    What’s the best way to steer clear of the organisms that cause athlete’s foot and fungal toenails? Don’t go barefoot. That goes for anywhere you’re walking, but especially in warm, moist places like public pools or locker rooms where these organisms flourish, waiting for some nice flesh to dig into – yours.

If you do experience any sort of foot issue, visit Dr. Frey or Dr. Oltmann at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland. We welcome you to our modern office in the beautiful community of Solon, right outside of Cleveland. We’re open late on Monday evenings and on Saturdays by appointment. Click here to make an appointment or call our office at (440) 903-1041.