Nutrition for Your Feet & Ankles

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March is National Nutrition Month and all of us at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland think it’s a great time to think about what we eat. Why do we care? Because nutrition affects your feet and ankles – plain and simple.

The food and drink that we put in our bodies affects all our systems: digestive, circulatory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and integumentary (remember that one from middle school science class? It refers to skin, hair, and nails).

Poor nutrition and problems with our feet and ankles can go hand-in-hand. Eating poorly has been linked to

  • Gaining weight – carrying around extra pounds can lead to plantar fasciitis (heel pain), stress fractures, Achilles tendinitis, flat feet, and arthritis. When you’re overweight, you also put yourself at risk for heart disease and diabetes,
  • Osteoporosis (“porous bone”) – bones that are porous are weak and brittle, leaving you at risk for easily broken bones. To keep your bones strong and stable, you must get enough Vitamin D and calcium in your diet.
  • Bones that don’t heal – if you break a bone either due to accident or osteoporosis, it’ll take a longer time to heal if it’s not already super healthy.

Here are some tips for keeping your weight in check and your body nourished:

  • Read nutrition labels. Since 1990, all foods in the S. have to have detailed nutrition facts on them. Discuss with your doctor how much protein, fat, calcium, and vitamins are best for you, and then get in the habit of reading food labels to make sure you’re getting enough.
  • Eat lots of colors. Get a variety of nutrients by eating green veggies, orange cantaloupe, red strawberries, brown rice, yellow lentils, purple cabbage, and black beans.
  • Consider taking nutrients in pill form. Have your nutrient levels checked regularly (simple blood test) and ask your doctor if taking vitamins or other supplements might be right for you.

Stay healthy by properly nourishing your whole body. If you have a question about nutrition, or if you have pain or discomfort anywhere in your feet and ankles, visit our expert podiatrists at our modern office in the beautiful Cleveland suburb of Solon, OH. You can reach Dr. Megan L. Oltmann and Dr. Craig B. Frey at (440) 903-1041. You may also click here to make an appointment online.