Fun Facts about Feet

Feet are quite literally the furthest thing from your mind, if you think about it in a physical sense! But it’s worth giving them some thought, since they carry you around every single day. It’s somewhat of a miracle when all of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together without a hitch.

In honor of these amazing appendages, Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland has put together this list of random facts about feet and the doctors who care for them – just for fun:

  • Leonardo DaVinci called the foot a “masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”
  • 75% of all Americans will experience foot problems at some point in their life.
  • You have more sweat glands in your hands and feet than you do in any other part of your body. (Oh, that’s why your feet stink!)
  • Your feet will be bigger tonight than they were when you woke up this morning.
  • In 2010, archeologists found a leather shoe in an Armenian cave dating from about 3,500 B.C. that looks very much like a modern-day shoe. How was it so well-preserved? They found it in a pile of sheep dung.
  • Podiatrists go though undergraduate medical school training and then earn a doctorate of podiatric medicine (DPM). Before becoming a practicing podiatrists, they must pass a state and national tests, and then obtain proper state licensing.
  • A woman’s foot can permanently grow a half size or more during pregnancy.
  • A qualified podiatrist can often tell if you smoke just by examining your feet.
  • The American Podiatric Medical Association advises women to avoid many foot problems by limiting heel height to 2 inches or less (so think about retiring those stilettos!)
  • All babies are born with flat feet.
  • Plantar warts are not dangerous, but they are contagious.
  • 37,000 Americans are injured every year while mowing the lawn, and many of these are serious injuries to the feet, including those who were mowing while barefoot. (Go figure.)
  • One-quarter of all the bones in your body are located in your feet.Finally – ancient Greek philosopher Socrates observed:

“When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.”

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