Fun Facts about Feet

Feet are quite literally the furthest thing from your mind, if you think about it in a physical sense! But it’s worth giving them some thought, since they carry you around every single day. It’s somewhat of a miracle when all of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together without a hitch. In […]

Treating and Preventing Gymnastics Injuries

The Rio Olympics were a huge success for the United States (as long as you don’t count the last week of competition, when boys behaving badly marred the positive headlines). Our families were rooted to the TV each night to see one of our favorite sports broadcasted: men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics. There’s no question […]

What to Know about Your Baby’s Feet

Once they reach a certain age, keeping your children’s feet healthy is really not that much different from keeping your own in top shape. You want to keep your kids in the proper shoes for the activity they’re engaged in, make sure they wash their feet daily and dry them carefully, and don’t be afraid […]