Pregnant? 6 Tips to Get Your Feet through Summer Heat

Sorry, ladies – pregnancy in the summertime can be hard to handle. Feet and ankles – the parts of your body that we are most concerned with here at Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland – are a problem in the vast majority of pregnancies. They can become swollen and uncomfortable especially during the summer months.

Blame it on water retention It’s normal for your body to retain water during pregnancy, and that water retention will cause many parts of your body to swell up. Feet and ankles can see the worst of it because of plain old gravity. Blazing sun and high temperatures don’t help, so by the end of a hot summer’s day, you need relief.

Ways to soothe your aching feet Dr. Craig B. Frey and Dr. Megan L. Oltmann, our two qualified podiatrists, offer these tips:

  1. Sit down! Take every opportunity to rest your lower limbs.
  2. Put your feet up. Keeping your feet elevated while seated will help keep your feet and ankles from swelling up like so many balloons.
  3. Change up your shoes. Weight gain and swollen feet may mean that you have to say a temporary goodbye to your regular size shoes. Non-supportive sandals won’t.
  4. Drink lots of water. You are going to sweat more than usual – which is true of pregnancy in all seasons, but summer temperatures sure makes sweating easier. It’s the body’s way of trying to cool you off, but it also causes dangerous fluid loss. Counteract that loss by being vigilant about staying hydrated. It’ll help you from feeling drowsy as well.
  5. Ease up on the salt. When you ingest salt or salty foods, your water retention will increase, so go easy on the salt shaker.
  6. Do whatever you can to stay cool. When it’s crazy hot outside, just don’t go there. Take a cool shower, hang out in a pool, or skip the outdoors entirely in favor of air-conditioned bliss.

For more tips on keeping your feet and ankles comfortable during pregnancy, consult with Dr. Oltmann or Dr. Frey at our office in the beautiful community of Solon. (See your obstetrician for swelling that is severe or doesn’t ease up using the tips above.) Call us at (440) 903-1041 or make an appointment online.