Preventing Running Injuries

At Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, we see an awful lot of injuries in people who run. Of course, we are privileged to treat those who consult us with stress fractures, sprained ankles, Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, and any number of other conditions that afflict those who pound the pavement.

But it makes sense to think about ways to prevent foot and ankle injuries from happening in the first place – and then to do everything in your power to put those strategies into practice.

Here are some practical tips for preventing running injuries from Cuyahoga County’s expert podiatrists, Dr. Craig B. Frey and Dr. Megan L. Oltmann:

Buy the Right Shoes

Your feet and ankles endure an amazing amount of stress when you run, and your first line of defense is to wear proper running shoes. They should have a stable heel, a well-padded sole that’s firm but flexible, and they should fit you well. This last point sounds obvious, but it’s not always easy to get a great fit on your own. An independent retailer of running shoes can examine your gait, measure your foot, and recommend the best running shoe for you.

Perform Strengthening Exercises

Exercises that strengthen and lengthen all of your muscles, not just the muscles of your feet and ankles, can lessen your risk of injury. Talk to your doctor or a trainer about specific exercises that will keep all of your muscles strong and balanced.

Beware of Overuse

As you train, it’s important to increase your distance and intensity gradually. Recognize the signs of overuse, including pain in the joints, muscles, or tendons that does not subside. Act right away – see your podiatrist – before these signs become grave issues.

Wear Your Orthotics

If your doctor has prescribed orthotics or recommended the over-the-counter variety, use them, even if they feel strange at first. They’re designed to correct under- or over-pronation, and to stabilize the overall functioning of your feet.

Following these tips will help keep your feet and ankles healthy and free of pain. For more advice on preventing running injuries, visit us at our comfortable, modern office in the historic Solon district. We offer early morning, evening, and Saturday hours for your convenience. Call us for an appointment at (440) 903-1041 or request an appointment online.